Thursday, October 23, 2008

Secrets for sleeping on a plane


Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

I used to sleep on planes all the time. I even used to go to sleep before the plane took off.

After 9/11 I was in First Class on a flight to Houston, and I counted three people with green passports and Arabic embossing. Kind of scary. So I decided not to sleep until I got an idea who's on board. :)

Jim Huffman said...

It's bizzare, but I find air travel immensely relaxing. I think it's because when I'm up in the sky, no one can call me and I can't call anyone. I just relax, read, watch a movie, and eat.

It even works at home: if I'm really on edge, and having trouble going to sleep, I just imagine I'm in a plane, a long flight, maybe NYC to Tokyo or something like that, and I sleep like a baby.