Monday, October 13, 2008


In an online discussion group, there's currently a controversy about a church official. The man clearly made a mistake several years ago. After so many years, he's offered a back-handed apology -- one that's neither clear nor helpful.

If he'd said -- years ago -- "I was wrong, please forgive me," no one would be thinking about this now. But his seeming inability to admit error, ask for, and receive forgiveness has kept this sad episode alive for far longer than it ever should have.

Admitting our mistakes is not easy. Confessing to sins is even harder. But the one consolation is that it gets easier with practice. Keeping a short account with God is a good idea. Likewise keeping a short account with our neighbor. When I find that I can't admit my sin, it's often because I really deep down don't believe that God can forgive that sin. Admitting, confessing, and receiving absolution are what's needed here. It's really no more complicated than that.

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