Friday, October 10, 2008

If you are worried about cancer

I'm not impressed by conventional cancer treatments. While there are always those who are improved or cured by conventional treatments, most of those who suffer from cancer -- and are treated conventionally -- eventually succumb to it. I don't like those odds.

If you -- or someone you care about -- is diagnosed with cancer, I'd encourage some level-headed thinking about the treatment alternatives. Most physicians will not recommend an alternative, and many of them will mock or deride the alternatives.

But we have to take control of our own lives. The internet -- by allowing a vastly improved flow of information -- has strengthened our ability to know and take control.

This is one such site.
I like this because the author dispassionately discusses alternatives. He is not romantic about them, but he is honest and realistic. A conventional physician is going to suggest conventional treatments: the triad of burning (radiation), poisoning (chemotherapy) and cutting (surgery).

Those are not necessarily bad, but there are other choices. And those other choices provide a vastly higher success rate for treatments. It's your life. No one can make you take one treatment or another. You have to decide what seems to make sense to you. Trust your own instincts. This site helps to inform you.

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