Sunday, October 26, 2008

Report: North Korea restricting cell phone use

Food agencies in the US like to talk about starvation here, but the reality is that no one is starving here. They may be eating badly, not eating what they should, or whatever, but no one is starving.

Starvation is a political problem, at least in the long term. There are certainly times when a catastrophe hits (crop failure, drought, storms, or such like) and those can have dreadful short term effects. But in order to have long-term starvation, you need a tyrant who's either deliberately (usually seeking to kill a particular group of people) or one who through stupidity seeks to cover up some very bad policies.

Such is the case in North Korea. Here's an example.

"North Korea has been restricting the use of cell phones to prevent its residents from sharing news about a worsening food crisis, according to a report on the The Times of London Web site."

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