Monday, October 20, 2008

The Cure for All Diseases

I had a discussion with a friend on Saturday about socialized medicine.

Such a policy is bad.

Not just because it will stifle innovation, which it will.

Not just because it will cost even more than the present system, which it will.

Not just because it will lead to a huge and overweening bureaucracy, which, again, it will.

All of these things are bad. But to me the worst practical part of the system (which is coming regardless of who wins next month: so-called conservatives will leap to build an ever-larger bureaucracy in the same way the so-called liberals will) is that it will lock America into a particular treatment modality, that of allopathic medicine.

Allopathy is the all-too-familiar system used by 99% of practitioners in America. While more and more Americans are using so-called alternative treatments (mega-vitamin doses, dietary changes, and exercise regimens, among others) the medical establishment is firmly locked into the poison, cut, and burn methods of treating diseases.

A national health insurance plan will use allopathy -- and only allopathy. You may count on it. Some cynical minds would even argue that that's the whole purpose of installing such a system.

Which is all the more reason why internet health information is so important. Your friendly neighborhood MD is not going to tell you about information such as this. Which is the reason you need to know about it.

Dr. Clark (the author of the book) is not infallible. She should be listened to with skepticism. Which is how you should listen to anyone who is treating you. But such information may save your life one day. The coming federal health bureaucrats will not tell you about this.

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