Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tolerating Spiders, Using Your Credit Cards, and Other Depression Survival Tactics

"I loathe spiders. My Dad always used to joke that I reacted as if they were man-eating creatures the size of tall buildings, as seen in the B movies. As a kid, I trounced through the woods at night, remarkably unaware of webs caressing my face and giant, hairy things clinging to my clothes. As an adult, they became my worst nightmare. I don’t know why – it just happened that way.

Living near a big lake, my house can be a refuge for crawling things that are out to get me. I am awful when it comes to killing spiders in the house. I have broken or bent more blinds than I can remember because of all the times that I used a hiking boot to kill off a tiny green spider. Accordingly, I have been using a pest control service to spray my house exterior, garage, and porch areas for spider control. This has always helped to control those nasty devils, especially during the warm months.

This year, however, with a depression looming, the spider control service came under my budget-cutting axe and got chopped. So it was the spiders versus me, alone and unarmed."

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