Saturday, December 20, 2008

Living your life the way you want to


"My father died on December 2. I flew to Oregon for
the memorial service.

I sat down with my mother, age 91, and told her to
write down these words on a sheet of paper:

I want to

I told her to make a list. I suggested half a dozen
things she has said in the past that she wanted to do.

I told her to set up a daily schedule. Take at least
one step per project each day. Do this from a "what to do
today" list. One step per day will get the jobs done.

I told her, "Don't wind up sitting in your deathbed at
age 100, thinking, 'I wish I had done that.' Do it while
you still can."

The older you get, the truer this advice is.

There is an old saying, "He made his bed. Now he must
lie in it."

Turn this around. "You must lie in your bed. Make it
your way." One step per day."

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