Friday, December 19, 2008

Bush announces $17.4 billion auto bailout

I wish George Bush would stop talking about free markets.

He's never practiced free market practices, and has done everything he could during the 8 years he has acted as president to undermine free markets. (In reality, it's not the markets that should be free; it's people who are free to make lawful market transactions. It's like what we often call "gun rights": guns have no rights, but people have a Constitutional right (upheld this past June in District of Columbia Et al. v. Heller to bear arms in their personal and corporate defense).

So now he's done yet another socialist move, providing a massive bailout to several inefficient, stodgy and hidebound American auto makers, and he blithers on about having to "save the free market." I wish George Bush would just shut up. If he's going to continue his sad and shameful course, just do it. He should stop painting those of us who believe in freedom with his disastrous and disgraceful policies.

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