Monday, May 12, 2008

On ceremonies

With graduation festivities over, we can return to normal life. And give thanks for graduations: for what a graduation entails, and what it says to us about the one graduating.

I know someone who argues that graduation ceremonies aren't important. He says you still have the degree, you still get the diploma, so why bother?

It's because ceremonies are important. We mark the Big Changes in life by ceremonies: births, Baptisms, graduations, weddings, even death.

It's like that in church. We don't "have to" have ceremonies to receive God's love. We don't "have to" sing to praise God. But we do.

Why? Because a ceremony tells us something important is going on. And of all the big things in life, receiving God's gifts is the most important. The ceremonies are times of joy for receiving those gifts, and publicly recognizing that we're receiving them.

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