Friday, May 23, 2008

How to master the English Bible

In my friend William Weedon's blog, there's been a discussion in the last day or so about Bible knowledge among Lutherans. He laments the state of that knowledge and suggests that our Baptist or Presbyterian brethren might be better. The reality is that the state of Bible knowledge in almost every confession is abysmal. I think the ignorance is a result of many factors, and it's one that will not be cured easily. But in the meantime, we can begin the cure: for ourselves as individuals and for those we teach: children, grandchildren, Sunday school students, whatever. The reality is that the Bible -- while a fairly large library -- is not that complicated, and not that hard to grasp. Trust me: people far more ignorant than us have learned it, and so can we.

Here's a book I'd recommend. I can't recommend everything in it -- Gray was a dispensationalist, and I strongly disagree with their mode of interpreting certain scriptural passages. But there's a lot of good here: How to Master the English Bible

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