Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fear not

When I say -- as I did below -- that people need to begin planning a strategy for leaving the LCMS, please don't imagine that this is something recent. It's not.

I've been thinking this way for several years. All of which is to say that those who begin thinking this way should expect opposition. Often from those who agree with them.

Some people do not like change. For them, change in itself is a scary thing, and for them, this might be a very monumental change.

Others are afraid. Fear is a huge part of human life, and that's why there are so many admonitions in the scriptures such as "Fear not!," or "Be not afraid!"

When we are scared, we sometimes lash out. We sometimes strike at those we love, those we care for, those we agree with.

If you are pondering leaving, be prepared for those who are afraid. And be prepared for the reactions which may have nothing to do with you or what you are doing. In such a circumstance, you are merely a living example of something these folks fear.

Be kind to them. Explain what you are doing, and why. Return good for evil. Love them. And most of all, pray for them. Your job is not to rant about leaving the LCMS. Your job is love them as members of the body of Christ, and to treat them as you would treat our Savior. It's the hardest job. And the most important one you'll ever do.

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