Saturday, May 24, 2008

Crazy Clinton and the assassination comments

I'm finally glad to see the American left getting disgusted at the Clintons.

The right has found them repulsive for years: the lying, the conniving, the sheer audacity of 2 people who would do anything needed to advance their own personal agenda.

Now the left has seen the reality, too: that this whole crusade has nothing whatsoever to do with social justice, or any of the other things that the left thought were the reason they were in Washington. No, it's just about getting them in -- or back in -- to power. Clinton's husband, who gloried in the audacious idea that he was the "first Black president" is now seen with his wife for what they are. Lots of commentators on the left have said it well in the last 24 hours: here's just one who said it especially well.

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