Monday, June 15, 2009

Savings on your cell phone bills

Here's an easy way to save money on your cell phone.

If your plan has a "calling circle" or some other such way that you can designate certain callers for unlimited calling, here's a number to add: 800-GOOG-411. (800-466-4411)

GOOG-411 is one of the Google corporation's recent innovations. Call this number, and you speak the name of the business (and the city and state where the business is located) and you get connected.

There's no charge from Google. And if you designate GOOG-411 as one of your free numbers, there's no charge from your cell company. What's more, this is really good for when you're on the road, and aren't able to look up a number. Or when you don't have the number.

It's really easy, really good, and using this plan, can even be free.

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