Thursday, June 11, 2009

Magnesium Benefits Your Blood Pressure

"Magnesium may reduce blood pressure in people with high blood pressure, according to new findings. The study adds to data from epidemiological studies that have reported more magnesium, potassium and calcium may reduce your risk of hypertension."

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Boris said...

Dear Mr. Huffman;

Carolyn Dean MD ND, author of numerous books including “The Magnesium Miracle” and Medical Director of The Nutritional Magnesium Association has this additional information to share that I thought you and your readers may find useful.

Long before drugs are introduced, diet should be the first treatment of choice for hypertension and surprisingly, the real story behind the epidemic of hypertension and high cholesterol could be a lack of magnesium.

1. Studies have shown that diets deficient in magnesium will produce hypertension. And 75% of Americans do not get nearly the RDA of magnesium from their diets.

2. Other studies have shown that increased levels of minerals such as potassium and magnesium in the diet have a suppressive effect on calcium-regulating hormones, which helps lower blood pressure.

3. High blood pressure can cause stroke and heart attack. Tension in the smooth muscle of blood vessels throughout the body, due to magnesium deficiency, is a cause of high blood pressure.

4. Magnesium is a natural statin (anticholesterol medication). It is necessary for the activity of an enzyme that lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides and raises good cholesterol (HDL)

5. As a supplement, one of the most absorbable forms of magnesium is a powdered magnesium citrate that is taken with either hot or cold water.

6. To further enrich your diet with magnesium, increase your consumption of green vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and unprocessed grains.

For more information contact: The Nutritional Magnesium Association (