Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How to find a mentor

I recommended a mentor yesterday, for those seeking to become pastors. Finding such a mentor is not always easy.

The decision is ultimately yours -- assuming your proposed mentor is in agreement. So you should trust your judgment, and listen to what your instincts are telling you.

Think about those whom you trust. Do they have suggestions or ideas? Think also about pastors who have made an impression on you and whose ministry you appreciate. Don't overlook the possibility that a potential mentor might be your own pastor, in your own church.

Join online discussion groups. Tread warily here, because some such groups are toxic snake pits, but you'll usually find that out pretty quickly. But listen to what guys are saying, and what they're not saying. If you appreciate and respect someone's comments, that might be a lead.

But decisions like this can never be made using only online information: you must visit such a one personally. Yes, it is worth the trip to determine if you might want to approach someone about mentoring you. You will find aspects and information about them meeting personally that would never come out online.

Most of all, pray about such a decision. Ask God to bring someone into your life that would work for you, and ask for wisdom as to this decision, and for wisdom for the whole process. God is the Lord of the harvest. It is His field in which you will work, and He cares about your plans.

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