Sunday, April 20, 2008

Why we seem to appreciate cruel people

Conservatives have traditionally held to several principles in dealing with life and government. They have sought to solve problems locally, to respect traditions that have been in place in dealing with life, and they have valued civil government being as small as possible.

Which makes it difficult to understand the movement that now calls itself "conservative" in America today. Almost everyone, despite their opinions, believes in federal solutions to problems, big government, and traditions are ignored.

What this has given us are governmental officials who are nasty, brutish, and cruel. On both sides of the fence. I mentioned yesterday the murders of over 70 people in Waco by government thugs. What amazes me is that there are those callings themselves conservatives who defend these thugs.

I'm not so much attacking those who actually pulled the triggers. As we say about Nazi death camp guards, they were "just doing their job."

What I'm amazed by are those who defend the thugs in Washington: Bill Clinton, Janet Reno, and others. To such people, those who died in Waco are just fodder for their pitiful careers. But why would people who call themselves "conservative," people who otherwise loathe the Clinton administration, defend this act of mass murder?

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