Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy birthday

Tomorrow's my birthday. I share the birthday with Queen Elizabeth II, though I'll be cruel enough to point out that she's my senior by a few years. Happy birthday, Betty!

My wife wanted to make me a cake, but she prefers mixes. I think mixes taste dusty, and have no interest in wasting my precious carbs on such a mix. So I made my own birthday cake. This is really good cake, dense and spicy and sweet at the same time. Let the cook beware: I used all whole wheat flour, so mine was even denser than the recipe calls for.

(A friend at church asked me why I didn't make a chocolate cake. The main reasons are that lots of people make chocolate cakes, and that almost no one makes spice cakes any more. So every few months, I make something like this. It's worth the wait. Of course, around Christmas, I get to fill up on fruitcakes, since almost no one else likes them. Lucky me).

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