Friday, April 25, 2008

2 cheers for Rev. Wright

Only in America could we be having this discussion.

Imagine France, Russia, whatever, having a discussion about a candidate's pastor. Or about a candidate's church.

But we do it here. And that's a good thing. Because we are Americans, and Americans -- Christian, Muslim, Jewish, and others -- take our religion seriously. We always have.

I'm certain I wouldn't agree with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright on everything. He and I come from very differing avenues. But I am glad that he has chosen to defend himself publicly. The idea that Senator -- and presumptive presidential nominee -- Barack Obama must take the blame for everything Wright has said is ridiculous. Even worse is the idea that Obama should leave the church where Wright is pastor.

What's astonishing, too, is that Obama -- and several of the other Democrats -- have no problem talking about their faiths. But John McCain can't. When asked, he tells an anecdote about the faith of one of his guards in a Vietnamese prison. And McCain supporters are claiming that Obama is not a Christian? Come on.

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