Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Turning cyberspace into sacred space

The internet has changed the lives of all of us. And no less our religious lives. An easy, quick, and mundane example is my use of a Bible concordance (used for finding a particular text when I can only think of a few words): I have a large, cumbersome and hard to read book edition. Or I can go to a site like Bible Gateway and search. You may have guessed that my book version gets used very seldom.

Some are doing things like cyber-Masses, and other such rites. I am very wary of such, mainly because Christ became incarnate and lived among us, and He didn't send a modem. But I am open to there being means of using the net that I'm not ready for yet. This is an interesting talk (from Youtube's Google Tech Talks) about the uses of the net for faiths, Christian and otherwise:

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