Monday, February 11, 2008

Google tech talks on youtube

My day job involves -- on average -- an hour of paperwork a day. It's paperwork that's free of thought, and just means getting various documents readied, copied, whatever. But I've found a way to make this unappealing task a little easier on me: by listening to various speakers on

I'm a big proponent of cross-fertilization. I think that many folks who think about theology have a tunnel vision, and many don't read -- or listen to -- stuff about other fields. I've found that my "other" reading can often enlighten what I read and study in the scriptures and the fathers.

Youtube has exploded over the last year or so, giving us a plethora of helpful speakers. Here's my most recent suggestion. The Google corporation brings in various speakers on apparently a weekly basis and these speakers are videoed and uploaded to youtube. Some of the speakers are of no interest, and some are just -- to me -- dull. But there's a lot of good stuff here, and I commend it to you.

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