Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The closing of a seminary

I've written before about how internet and other "alternative" methods of training ministers is going to change the traditional seminary models. This hasn't happened as quickly as I'd thought it would, but it's happening. Here's an interesting piece from Fr. Chris Tessone about the closing of a residential M.Div. program in an Episcopal seminary, Seabury-Western. I feel no small sympathy for those who are caught in this process: most students apparently will not be able to complete the programs they're in at that school. But I am hopeful about the future. Training for those who will be pastors will change. The question is always how we adapt to the change. We can try to stand athwart changes, and demand that they not occur. Or we can ask ourselves how such opportunities as the internet, on-demand video, falling prices of books will positively impact what we have traditionally known as "seminary."

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