Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How great and how just is God's compassion: Cur Deus Homo, chapter XX

Now we have found the compassion of God which
appeared lost to you when we were considering God's
holiness and man's sin ; we have found it, I say, so
great and so consistent with his holiness, as to be in
comparably above anything that can be conceived.
For what compassion can excel these words of the
Father, addressed to the sinner doomed to eternal
torments and having noway of escape: "Take my
only begotten Son and make him an offering for your
self;" or these words of the Son: "Take me, and
ransom your souls." For these are the voices they
utter, when inviting and leading us to faith in the
Gospel. Or can anything be more just than for him
to remit all debt since he has earned a reward greater
than all debt, if given with the love which he de

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