Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Newest book idea

Though I've kept a stream of short posts on this blog, it hasn't been active with much in the last year or so. And that's because I've been writing (as in books) and I'm continuing to work on those, but I am trying to go back to a more regular (that is, substantive) schedule here.

I'm working today on my latest book. Tentative title: Eating with Genghis Khan: 26 Authentic Dishes So You Can Eat Like the Marauding Hordes.

In case you're wondering, this isn't a joke. Those who have known me for a while know of my long-standing interest in things Mongolian. This is not one I expect to be a best-seller, but it's fun researching Mongol recipes, and remembering eating this stuff from when I was there in 1995.

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