Friday, April 20, 2012

Is this the world's best coconut cake?

Well, I can't say for sure yet, because I haven't sliced it, though sore tempted.

I'm not a big cake fan.  Most cakes that you get are dry (over-relying on cake mixes will do that for you, as will trying to avoid any butter in the cake -- contrary to what people tell you, applesauce is not a good substitute for  the clean taste of butter), cloyingly sweet, or just lacking taste in general.

But I do love coconut cake.  Growing up, there was a woman at church who made an incredible coconut cake: moist, full-flavored, and redolent of coconut.

The problem?  Finding a recipe that really, REALLY replicates that full coconut taste.

A few months ago, we found this recipe in Our State magazine, a good publication devoted to things North Carolinian.  And since this cake isn't quickly put together (it requires starting 48 hours ahead of serving!) my wife saved it for my birthday.

Which is tomorrow.  So she began on Wednesday, because we're having our children and their friends for dinner tomorrow.  I'm doing pork and chicken Chinese recipes, and while cake doesn't go with Chinese, we all need an inconsistency or two.  Here's mine.  I'll report tomorrow on the outcome of the cake.

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