Saturday, September 12, 2009

NSA offering 'billions' for Skype eavesdrop solution

This is very amusing, and good news, as well. Anything that thwarts the busybodies at the various government spy agencies is a good thing. If they did nothing else right, Skype should get our business for that reason alone.

"News of a possible viable business model for P2P VoIP network Skype emerged today, at the Counter Terror Expo in London. An industry source disclosed that America's supersecret National Security Agency (NSA) is offering "billions" to any firm which can offer reliable eavesdropping on Skype IM and voice traffic.

The spybiz exec, who preferred to remain anonymous, confirmed that Skype continues to be a major problem for government listening agencies, spooks and police. This was already thought to be the case, following requests from German authorities for special intercept/bugging powers to help them deal with Skype-loving malefactors. Britain's GCHQ has also stated that it has severe problems intercepting VoIP and internet communication in general."

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