Sunday, May 17, 2009

The triumph of English

I've commented before on this video:

which features

a Finn (Markus Poyhonen)

and Estonian Sanna Hento

dancing in Helsinki

to a song with a French title

sung by 2 Americans

of west African ancestry.

But the song I posted earlier today shows how English triumphs. It's a song

sung by a Norwegian

who was born in Belarus (when it was part of the Soviet Union)

performing in Moscow

in a European contest

singing a song with Russian folk influences

and sung completely in English.

Those who speak English from childhood have no idea how lucky we are. We speak the Latin of the 21st century, the one language that serves as everyone's second language. (That is, when it's not their first language: that's the case for some 375 million people).

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