Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The end of an era

One of my brothers is a newspaper journalist, and he says he's a dinosaur. Not because of his work (he's a skilled and interesting writer) but because of who he works for: a print newspaper.

This is yet another story about the closing of a print newspaper. It's not the first, and certainly not the only such story today. Journalism is not over, and journalists will have plenty of work to do in the future. But for now, news coverage as a printed paper will be over soon.

Already, it's starting to seem kind of quaint: the idea of delivering a printed edition. Not so much for the news articles, but for stock listings, weather forecasts and other information that updates constantly. When I was a child, we subscribed to 2 newspapers. My family now subscribes to one, and I wouldn't have that one except that -- and this is one of those curiosities of life -- my children like a print newspaper.

But like a town crier, that era is soon to be over. Who could have known that that would be one of the results of the internet?

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