Friday, January 16, 2009

The end of civilization as we know it

Here's how rough life is in 2009: a man would be a rock star, were it not for a case of identity theft! And you thought you had it bad.

I'm using this as an illustration of how things change. We're living through bad times now -- no doubt -- but those who see 2009 in apocalyptic terms are mistaken, to put it kindly. We are going through bad times, but there have been bad times in the past -- far worse times -- and folks got through them. We, too, will get through this time. But this very funny video is an illustration of what we've come to fear. It shows a guy who has a job, wearing nice clothing, and obviously well fed. So he's not starving, naked, or being shot at. But he's not a rock star. And it's all because of identity theft.

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