Saturday, November 01, 2008

Stand up for what you believe - with a smile

Some good advice -- from writer and trainer Matt Furey:

"Decision Day is almost upon us. And I must
say that for many people, this has been the
most stressful election ever.

The last two months have felt like a continuous
full moon to many people.

One thing I know, regardless of what is going on
"out there" - you can still radiatie a smile from within -
and enjoy peace of mind.

Let me give you an example on how I do it.

There was an attendee at my last seminar who
left early and either forgot (or deliberately left)
his notebook behind. Not sure which it was but it
was snatched by the staff working the event
so that it could be returned to him.

Well, here's the catch: Despite standing up in the event
and publicly bestowing praise upon me - his notebook
was filled with anything but praise.

The staff person was shocked. She showed me the notebook
and said, "Look at this. Look at what he wrote about you. Look
at how he drew on your photo and wrote all over it.

I smiled as I looked at his lunacy. Then I said: "Remember
what you've heard me say for several years now. Remain
emotionally neutral about both praise and criticism - but
wise enough to know when either can be turned to your

"Yes," I remember.

"Well, don't sweat this stuff. It doesn't matter. Neither does
his praise when he stood before the room. All of it is either
false or at bare minimum: temporary. None of it will last.
Neither the praise nor the criticism is permanent. Neither
is he. Neither am I."

When it comes to politics, it's very hard for people to remain
neutral. It's very difficult for people to realize, that no matter
who gets elected, and no matter how difficult these promising
politicians make life for us - it is unwise to let them rule your
emotional world. Even if you choose to fight for or against a
specific candidate - you can fight with the same smile the politicians
wear almost everywhere they go. Smiling is one thing you can learn
from politicians and use for your greater good.

At first you may need to fake it. But with daily practice - you'll
radiate a smile from within that others can feel. This inner
smile will attract others to you. It will also help improve your
career, economic situation and health.

The more you practice smiling and finding something to smile
about - the more you'll be able to remain emotionally neutral
and effective in any situation - including a crisis.

Keep this in mind today and over the next few days. Don't let
anyone or anything ruin your day.

Stand up for what you believe - with a smile.

And go for more of what life has to offer you - with this same

This tip alone will help you magnetize greater wealth and success -
because this same sort of smile holds the key to making your
visualizations work like magic."

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