Friday, November 28, 2008

Martin Mosebach's 'The Heresy of Formlessness': an Amazon review

"If you think of the Latin Mass as a relic propped up by people in love with the past, be prepared to have your mind changed.

I'm an evangelical Christian, a conservative member of a conservative Lutheran church. And while I value and respect the traditions of the church, I thought of the Tridentine Latin Mass as a relic. An interesting relic, perhaps, but hardly of any value to the church in 2008.

I was wrong. And this book changed the way I think about this particular stream of the liturgy. Written originally in German, Martin Mosebach's book is a well-written, engaging series of essays that touches on the nature of liturgy, the relationship of liturgy to culture, the relationship of our bodies to the liturgy and the relationship of the liturgy on earth to worship in Heaven. All this and more in just 209 pages, Mosebach is a novelist whose prose (in English translation) is bright, penetrating, and a joy to read."

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