Friday, November 21, 2008

Packing tips for the fashion-impaired

There are 2 types of luggage on the airlines: carry-on. And lost.

So when I travel (not as often as I'd like) I'm ruthless about carrying as little as I can. This means minimal extra clothes. Obviously, I'm not a woman.

So when I was digging through some travel books here at home last night, feeling yucky from the cold and the short hours of daylight, and needing thoughts of summertime, I found this book: Trekking in Russia and Central Asia, by Frith Maier.

In the section on packing for such trips, the author suggests the following for clothing:

"You don't need more than two shirts: wear one while you're washing the other. Pants, too: ... take one pair that looks good enough to wear in town and make sure they're comfortable. This does work. I spent 6 weeks in Siberia with one T-shirt, one long-sleeved shirt, and one pair of pants. When my luggage was lost for 2 weeks, I discovered the second pair was redundant -- I got along fine with the clothes I had on."

I thought I had discovered a kindred spirit: a guy who doesn't worry about clothes and had this travel thing down to a science.

But when I flipped to the back, I was shocked to discover that Frith Maier is a woman! (Again, obviously, I am not a woman).

We went to Germany once and I washed clothes in the sink every night. Our son appreciated my sentiments, but my wife and daughters thought I was crazy. But I was relieved to know that it's not just men who feel like I do.

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