Monday, August 11, 2008

Where I've been

OK, so I couldn't alert anyone to where I was going, or even that I'd be gone. It was a family surprise.

You see, my daughter Katie got engaged last Thursday. She and Dustin have been close for some 7 years -- they met when they were 15 -- and they've been planning the wedding, so she knew the formal engagement was coming.

She just didn't know when.

My wife and our 3 youngest went to New York last week to visit my wife's family. And on Wednesday night, Dustin and I flew to NYC.

We stayed with Amy's parents. Amy had told our girls about a doctor's visit her dad had, and Dustin and Amy and I stayed over Wednesday night there. The girls stayed with their aunt.

Dustin and I took the subway in. (Got lost, too, but that's another story). We were to take the 10 a.m. ferry, and Amy and their aunt and the girls were taking the 11 a.m.

The ferry because Dustin proposed on Ellis Island, in the great hall where Amy's grandparents came through when they immigrated from Italy some 100 years ago.

My daughter Alex texted us as to their whereabouts, and when Katie came to the top of the stairs, I announced to the crowd, "Ladies and gentlemen, please pay attention. Dustin Miller has a proposal to make!"

And he did. On bended knee and everything. So where Amy's family came to America a hundred years ago, now a new family -- that of Dustin Miller and Katie Huffman -- officially begins.

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