Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin

I have to give them credit: I never thought there could be anything out of the McCain campaign that would generate excitement.

Here in Piedmont North Carolina, there are Obama stickers on lots of cars. Obama signs in front of houses. And people who talk, well, excitedly about Barack Obama.

The McCain signs around here are so few as to be noticeable. Bumper stickers are neatly fastened to the backs of cars that, well, we might expect to have McCain stickers: think Lincolns. And no one talks about John McCain, with either excitement or derision. No one talks about him or his campaign.

Until today. The announcement of Gov. Palin as the vice-presidential nominee even made me -- a confirmed loather of John McCain -- excited about the Republican presidential race.

(Could we just switch places? Palin on the top of the ticket? Please?)

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