Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The presidential candidates and abortion

I've been hard on John McCain with regard to abortion. Somebody needs to be. Because John McCain is fundamentally a pro-abortion candidate who's acting pro-life for the time being in order to fool pro-life voters.

But it's worth remembering that Barack Obama is no friend of life either. This article documents the subterfuge used by Obama in order to make pro-lifers imagine that he might be someone they could work with.

When Obama began to pull ahead earlier this year, I had hopes that he might prove to be a more open, less strident Democrat on the abortion issue. What we've seen in hypocrisy and deception.

The public's seeing it, too: there's a feeling that a public that at one point had hopes that Obama might open up the stench that's held Washington for almost 8 years. We are beginning to see that those hopes were false. Obama is -- like McCain -- just another typical Washington politician.

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