Sunday, June 01, 2008

The sad end of feminism

In a way, it's not fair to give this woman as an example. Her candidate has lost, and she's mad. But I give this clip as an example of the final, personal result of feminism. This woman represents a lot of women her age: embittered, sad, and nasty, and ideological feminism is the cause. Clinton's failed campaign is no longer a campaign, it's a bellwether for people like this as to their adequacy as human beings. This is an example of why I've said that Clinton's campaign has really done a disservice for other women running for office: Clinton has basically rode her husband's coattails for her entire career. She's no feminist, at least in the Susan Anthony/Elizabeth Cady Stanton tradition. And behavior such as her New Hampshire crying incident was a perfect example of how not to campaign: she's seeking to be the commander in chief of the US military, and she cries on camera (a staged incident, I'd argue), reinforcing the fear that some Americans have that a woman can't do the job. Clinton has set the cause of women running for office back years, and yet people like this view her as an exemplar of feminism. It's really sad.

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Steve Ballmer said...

Hellary abd her racist army will absolutely insure that the old guy becomes our next president!