Monday, June 30, 2008

A deceptively simple guide: a review of Metropolitan Anthony's 'Living Prayer,' from Amazon

Ever read a book in an afternoon, and then wished you hadn't?

I'm talking about the kind of book that you should treasure instead, maybe hoard it for yourself, so you can appreciate it over a longer period of time.

This is a book like that. You'll be tempted to read it quickly (it's 125 pages) but it is full of great and helpful stuff, and what's more, it's the kind of book that's easily read, gently told, and immensely helpful. His discussions of unanswered prayers, and of the role of petitioning in praying were especially helpful. (If you're someone like me who imagined that asking God for something was somehow easier, read his discussion on pages 82 and 83 about how prayers of petition are tests of the reality of our faith).

Jesus taught us to pray, and we never stop learning. No matter where you are along the path, this book will offer help and encouragement in your praying and ultimately in your love for God.

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