Thursday, June 19, 2008

New book from Repristination Press

On the New Testament Offices
and their Relationship to the
On the Question of Church’s Polity
by Johann Konrad Wilhelm Löhe
translated by Rev. Dr. John Stephenson
Registrar & Professor of Historical Theology
Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary
St Catharines, Ontario

In June 1993, Repristination Press began its work of publishing the
works of our Lutheran forefathers with a reprint of Löhe’s (or
Loehe’s) Liturgy for Chirstian Congregations of the Lutheran Faith
(selected portions of the third edition of Loehe’sAgende, which had
originally been published in 1902). Now, in connection with the two
hundredth anniversary year of Löhe's birth, and Repristination Press'
fifteenth anniversary year of publication, Repristination Press is
pleased to announce publication of an English translation of Löhe's
1849 Aphorisms.

The 1849 and 1851 Aphorisms constitute Löhe’s two most significant
detailed studies on the Office of the Holy Ministry. Dr. Stephenson’s
translation is the first published English edition of 1849 Aphorisms.

Löhe’s substantial involvement in ministry and mission in the North
America (including founding Concordia Theological Seminary-Fort Wayne
and providing crucial support for American missions) highlight the
importance of his thought for confessional Lutherans. One need not
agree with all of Löhe’s conclusions to acknowledge the importance of
his role in supporting confessional Lutheran theology and practice in
North America and around the world.

Dr. John Stephenson’s excellent translation of this important text
was carried out from the original edition, including Löhe’s footnotes
from the original edition, and additional endnotes by the translator.

99 Pages • Hardcover • $20.00 (plus $3 shipping charge for U.S.
mailing addresses, shipping rate higher elsewhere).

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