Thursday, July 10, 2008

When prayers seem hopeless

More on the prayer of Bartimaeus, from Living Prayer, (p. 49) by Metropolitan Anthony:

"We can learn from Bartimaeus in our practical approach to prayer that when we turn to God wholeheartedly, God always hears us. Usually when we realize that we can no longer depend upon all that we are accustomed to find reliable around us, we are not yet ready to renounce these things. We can see that there is no hope as far as human, earthly ways are concerned. We are aiming at something, we search for our sight and we are constantly frustrated; it is torment and hopelessness and if we stop there, we are defeated. But if at that moment we turn to God, knowing that only God is left, and say, 'I trust thee and commit into thy hands my soul and body, my whole life,' then despair has led us to faith."

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