Monday, July 07, 2008

things Protestants like: new Bible translations

Protestants don't have a magisterium like Rome or the Eastern churches, so there's no one (except a few hard core preachers) to tell them which Bible to use. (And those hard core preachers are going to tell them to use the KJV. Count on it).

Which means that Protestants are at the mercy of every religious publisher around, and every few years, there'll be a palpable excitement over the New and Latest English Bible translation. We'll be assured by advertising that this will be the definitive translation for English speakers. That is, until the next New and Latest translation comes along 3 years later. It's like a rolling ball.

Protestants collect new Bible translations like some Catholics collect rosaries. And you can count on Serious Protestant Bible students to have a shelf of English translations. Like all fads, the old ones seem kind of quaint. And like bell-bottoms and tie-dyed shirts, the old ones are there to remind us of our foolishness.

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