Saturday, March 22, 2008

Holy Saturday

On this day, we quietly remember Christ in the tomb.

We, too, will lie in the tomb. It is a sobering thought to remember that in the midst of all our doings, in the midst of all our work, in the midst of all our trials, that it will end in a grave.

But the grave is not the end. And that is the message of Easter, of course, which we anticipate tomorrow in the midst of remembering our Savior lying in the tomb.

We wait in faith for the Resurrection. The disciples who mourned the death of Jesus almost 2,000 years ago waited in faith, as well. He had promised them that He would rise on the third day.

We know that He rose. What we are sometimes tempted to doubt is whether we will rise. Whether the grave is our end. It is not. Christ rose, the first fruits of all of creation. We will lie in the grave. But it is not the end.

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