Thursday, September 27, 2007

Free Books

Would you like a place where you can get free books?

Well, if you're a book nerd like me, the proper answer is, "Who wouldn't?"

: )

The secret for free books is ones that are in the public domain.

"Public domain" means books that no longer in copyright. (The rules are a bit arcane at times, but basically ones published before the 1930s or so, at least in the US).

Several sites are actively scanning such books in, which means they are available for your use. Read them online, print them out, whatever.

The best source I've found is this:

The site is a source for all varieties of public domain information. I'm interested in books, so click "texts" along the top line of the page.

On the next page, type into the search line whatever you're interested in. Say: "Lutheran"

A list of every book they have available containing the term "Lutheran" will come up. Click one of those, and you'll see (on the left) the options available for reading it, such as a PDF file, TXT, or whatever.

A "flip book" is one I especially like. This displays the book as a book.

Some of the books in public domain are still in print. Some are not. Some are worthwhile. Some not. But there are many fine and useful books which has -- for whatever reason -- been allowed to languish. Some of them need rescuing. Go for it.

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