Saturday, February 07, 2009

An argument in favor of buying a Kindle

I'm still not a big fan of's Kindle reading device. (I've also never used one, so you can take this as a slightly uninformed opinion). One of my complaints is the cost of the device (currently $359). But something occurred to me this morning that might change my mind.

I was looking at Hauser's Social History of Art . The book sells new for $117, and used copies are from $85 up.

However, the Kindle edition of the same book is $15. So if I wanted the book, I could buy it for $117. Or I could buy Kindle for $359, and the book for $15. Roughly $250 more than "just the book," but then I'd have the Kindle as well.

As the price drops, the Kindle will make more and more sense.

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